Anti Barking Devices

ANTI BARKING DEVICESWe offer the lowest prices on ultrasonic anti barking products. Our anti barking devices correct your dog to teach them that barking is unacceptable. Once your dog is trained, you will no longer need the device. has a variety of anti barking devices that will work for different situations. Whether it's your indoor/outdoor dog, or your neighbor's dog, we have the anti barking device that's right for you.

All anti barking devices sold in our store are annoying to dogs, yet harmless. We are a family owned business and are animal lovers ourselves. We would never sell an item that we felt was inhumane in any way.

We do not, nor will we ever sell shock collars of any kind. We feel that these devices are cruel and unnecessary since there are other positive ways to accomplish the anti barking task with minimal discomfort to your dog.