Dog Tunes – Desensitize Dogs Fear Of Thunder And Everyday Sounds – Thunder, Fireworks, Door Bells…




Download Now! Dog Tunes 60 Mins, Desensitize Dogs Fear Of Thunder And Everyday Sounds is designed to assist your pet by acclimating them to sounds that may usually cause them distress. Dogs will no longer cower or hide the next time that they hear thunder or the sounds of fireworks. You will also be able to train your dog not to bark every time the door bell rings or when someone knocks on the door. Scientific studies have shown that slowly exposing dogs to things that disturb them will eventually help them overcome their fears. The plan is to start the volume at low level while doing everyday activities with your dog. Slowly increase the volume daily until your dog is no longer afraid of the thunder, fireworks, or any other sounds.

Tracks 1. Rain, 2, Light Thunderstorm, 3. Heavy Thunderstorm, 4. Knocking 5. Barking Dogs, 6. Meowing Cats 7.Crowded Room, 8. Traffic, 9. Doorbells, 10. Fireworks