Dog Tunes – Relaxing Music For Anxious Or Nervous Dogs – Stops Barking And Aggressive Behavior




Download Now! Dog Tunes 60 Mins, Relaxing Music For Anxious Dogs is a soothing mix of songs that you and your dog can both enjoy. Many dogs that suffer from separation anxiety will benefit from these calming sounds while you are away. The music can also be played when your dog is in a stressful environment to relieve their anxiety. Music has been shown to have a calming effect both on humans and dogs. We have tested many different songs and have found the ones that work best for nervous dogs. Relieving stress also helps to curb barking and other aggressive behavior.

Tracks: 1. A Dog’s Relaxing Journey, 2. Floating On A Cloud, 3. My Paws On The Beach, 4. Thinking Of My Best Friend, 5. No Place Like Home, 6. Calm All Around