The Anti Barking Dog Download Stops Barking Dogs Today – Get It Now


Get It Now – Download Immediately After Payment Is Made. We developed The Anti Barking Dog Mp3 in conjunction with Smith’s Dog Training Academy to help dog owners and neighbors of inconsiderate dog owners to control barking dogs in a humane manner. This anti barking device is the best we have to offer with up to 300 feet or more of coverage depending on what type of sound system you use. Most of our customers find success using home stereo speakers, speakers connected to your computer, or a boom box. The dogs are irritated by the sound that the Mp3 produces. Using this anti barking device is temporary since you will only use The Barking Dog Mp3 for a short period until the dog is trained. Once the dog associates their barking with this unpleasant sound, the undesired behavior will stop. Tens of thousands of our past customers used to have one thing in common… barking dogs! Complete instructions included. Does not affect cats or other animals.