2 Stainless Steel Premium Dog Whistles with Lanyard & Instructions – Free Worldwide Shipping!


2 Stainless Steel Premium Dog Whistles with Lanyard & Instructions. Guaranteed to stop barking and help dogs to become obedient. – Our dog whistle is the best and most versatile whistle available! Quickly train your dog to stop barking and follow simple commands. Also works on your neighbor’s dogs! Two anti slip features – Our whistle contains two layers of protection: A special lock nut, and a protective tight-grip snap cover. Our anti-loss snap cover shields the whistle from any outside movement or contact that can inadvertently unscrew the whistle. It has a tight, firm grip that will hold your whistle in place and never come loose! Easy to use and compact in size – Simply adjust the frequency rod until you find the frequency your dog best responds to, then use the locking nut to lock in that frequency. Finally, place the anti-loss snap cover on top and you are good to go! Our whistle is compact, high quality, and lightweight, making it incredibly efficient and convenient. Keep your optimum desired frequency – Most dog whistles can easily lose preferred frequencies after getting bumped and coming slightly unscrewed. This results in having to constantly readjust the frequency. Our whistle’s dual anti-loss feature ensures this will never happen again.